Science 102

Remember this?

It was our science experiment almost a year ago. Funny how the same circumstances bring up some of the same activities/behaviors. At least in our home. It was last winter we grabbed our science kit and played with acids and bases and colored jello crystals and then patiently (or not so much) waited to see what would happen.

A little while ago, before the Snowmaggedon and before the flu, back in the day when we felt more like humans, Mr. A grabbed the kit again and this time we tried something a bit different.

The end result was colors just like before but it had to do with primary and secondary ones. And we had science time…or art time… What am I talking about? Anyway… this was something to do on a cold winter day without going stir crazy in the house and this time, Mancub participated. He was all over those test tubes.

You should know that I’m not a homeschooling mom. Though a great calling, I haven’t been called to do it and (truth be told) Mr. Greenwood is a much better teacher than I am but this, I can do.

What’s keeping you occupied these days?


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