Rainbow Sorbet

I made this bad boy during a quilt-along with Dana when we were living with my sister and right before we moved. This was a year and a half ago and I finally finished it. Oh, if those seams could talk…

It was quite a project. I took all the stippling apart once after the tension was crazy and my hubs maneuvered that seam ripper like a ninja. Yup, he helped me undo it. I think he found the whole process therapeutic because he jokingly asked if I could stipple another quilt just so he would have something to take apart. Silly man!

More pictures to come. Just waiting for more light and an extra pair of hands to help me.

Good week to ya’!


6 thoughts on “Rainbow Sorbet

  1. Friend, you are so “crafty”, in a VERY good way! That quilt looks beautiful. What are you doing with your masterpieces? Selling them yet? 🙂

    • thanks, friend! some of my masterpieces (as you call them) I want to sell-like this one. others, i donate for fundraisers (missions or causes that are close to my heart). it depends. i usually pray about it.

  2. It is a great quilt. Adina has an eye for the color’s and patterns that go together.

    I hope you bring in a good amount on this one. You have to pay me ripper fee.

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