Feeling a bit out of sorts these days and a little overwhelmed by the daily grind…quite frankly. I’ve got lots of ideas swirling in my head but I feel like I’m hitting a {different} wall with each one of them.

The bathroom is getting a slight face lift and I’m at a stopping point there too. So… not terrible but not great. Mr A has been on a roll with his one liners and that’s been amusing. He called me “sweet Petunia” the other day and that got us laughing. I should do a series of {Mr} A-liners so we could all get a kick out of them.

Speaking of Mr A, I did finish his scarf so I’ll be back here next week with some pictures. Oh, and looks like March is just around the corner. So that’s exciting because you know, February is the longest little month on the calendar. Ain’t that the truth!

Happy week-end, guys!


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