To The Finish Line (Or Not)

My goodness, we’re fastly approaching midweek and I have a hard time finishing up my chores around the house. Some of them I started last week. I get to the “almost” done phase but can’t seem to cross them off my list.

My refrigerator is almost clean minus the bottom crisper drawers because the last of the Mohicans (aka Sprout) wants to get in them every time I open the door. I think he wants to turn into lettuce head…that bugger… and the floors are almost mopped, the bathroom is almost cleaned and so on. Yikes!

I did finish Mr A’s scarf though. Hmm, maybe I should put down the knitting needles.

Lined and everything. Ms. TECHknitter has oodles of fantastic information on her site and I followed this post to line it with warm, soft fleece and make it extra special.

And here is Mr. A modeling it

…and working it

hey, ladies!

…and then being himself

He’s a goof!!

Thanks for reading!


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