On A Roll

As much as my kids can drive me bananas they also have the ability to crack me up…I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Lately Mr. A has been on a roll as far as his one liners are concerned. I noticed that tends to happen when he processes things and his gears are turning.

He has been noticing size in people and had questions about it so I try to teach him what’s appropriate and what’s not, foods that are healthy, etc. He took all the info in and told me that next Christmas “we should leave fruit for Santa under the tree instead of cookies because it will help him with his weight.” Whaaa? I’d be one mad Santa  and who knows, accidentally “lose” some presents at the North Pole.

Then he informed his Dad and I that he found a girl at his school he wants to marry, that she’s nice and she has blond hair. Just like that out of the blue. At 6 years old he has it all figured out, eh? Gotta check the class picture.

AND that when he will be married and have his own children he would like to name  his son, ready for this?…SANTA. We couldn’t hold it in anymore. Busted out laughing. He even thought it was funny. Awesome!!!

Then as we drive for Awanas (as these conversations do happen in the car) I remind him to bring the umbrella on his way out, k? “Yes, sweet, sweet Petunia!” was his reply. If you watch Veggietales, Petunia is the grand daughter from “Duke And The Great Pie War“.

image borrowed from veggietales

I’m one lucky bird to have this little boy. Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “On A Roll

  1. He is definitely on a roll! I see that in my kids too. It just seems like it happens when there is a mental growth spurt and then all this stuff comes bubbling out. Love it!

    • totally… and even though it’s not relevant to everyone I feel I have to freeze these nuggets in time. thanks for indulging me.

  2. Okay, my favorite was “Yes, sweet, sweet, Petunia.” That cracks me up! I love it when they say funny things. Keep writing them down!

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