Simple Spring Pillow

If you’re into sewing then I have a perfect quick project for you. It’s a pillow. It seems like the web is buzzing with pillows this spring. This one I made last year but I never shared it with you…so, perfect timing. I love making them because they are easy and an almost instant gratification. Plus, I love me a good accessory 😉

I made this outdoor pillow using the zipper tutorial from Erin’s blog. If you want to use a blind zipper tutorial there is one here and I love the fact that Rachel admits to having a fear of zippers. So, take heart and stitch on.

Anyway, back to this precious… I bought the fabric and pillow form from JoAnn’s  and FYI- if you are buying lots of outdoor fabric I would wait for a sale since it can be a bit pricey. It measures 18″x18″ and I love that you can wash the case and store it for the winter and bring it back out in spring. Let the thing hang out in your adirondacks until next winter. It can take the abuse.

So, that’s it. Happy Wednesday!


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