Shout It Out Thursdays-My New Friend Deni

Edited to add: I have received a few questions about this yogurt maker so I’m addressing them here.

*There is no model number for Deni. You can buy it on Amazon and other places online. Haven’t seen it in the stores and it does come with instructions/recipes for yogurt and fruit toppings.

*I’ve been asked if it’s cheaper to make vs. buy yogurt. Totally. Here’s the breakdown:

18 oz of Fage Greek Yogurt is $7

for 18 oz homemade Greek Yogurt you need 2 cups of milk (about 1/8th of a gallon) so like….40 cents. Can’t beat it!

*And lastly the, process goes like this: boil milk, cool to room temp, stir in yogurt culture, pour in jars and turn the machine on. Just wanted to let you know that you don’t directly pour the milk in. Still, it’s  .40 cents peeps!! Anyway, I think I covered everything.

I was thinking about starting “Shout It Out Thursdays” where I share a good idea, a product,etc. and give y’all a shout out about it.

So for today, ladies and gentleman, meet Deni. He is my new, umm…yogurt maker. And I love him! Now…I know you don’t need a yogurt maker to make yogurt. There are all sorts of recipes and methods: slow cooker, stove top, oven and so on. However, these days convenience ranks high on my list and using a yogurt maker is just that… convenient and foolproof. It’s kinda like “set it and forget it”. Ha!

Seriously, though…I don’t have to worry about blankets and keeping steady temperature in the last stage of making it. Just plug it in, turn it on, go to bed and in the morning you can have yummy, creamy goodness. I love it drizzled with honey and sunflower seeds and for the kids I made fruit toppings.

freshly made yogurt

For blueberries: frozen blueberries+touch of sugar+lime juice all smooshed together cooked on the stove. I added it to the yogurt and sprinkled grape-nuts cereal for crunch.

Peach fruit topping: sliced frozen peaches+sugar+vanilla cooked on stove top. Throw them in the blender and that’s it. I imagine strawberries would be delicious too. Just experiment and see what you get.

homemade yogurt with vanilla bean-peach topping

Oh, and Deni comes with 6 glass containers which I prefer to plastic. And it makes 1 quart of yogurt at a time. Nice!

P.S. This is not a paid advertisement (though it could be). I JUST LIKE DENI. Over and out.


6 thoughts on “Shout It Out Thursdays-My New Friend Deni

  1. ok girl don’t leave us hanging where did you buy Deni??? I would love to make my own yogurt but feel it is too hard but that looks easy peasy!

    • It’s all over the place if you do a search. Amazon has it for example. I got mine online too through a site called The Foundry but their products change daily. So Amazon would be your best bet.

    • i don’t buy yogurt cultures. i save 1/2 a cup from the previous batch I just made to stir in. obviously for the first batch you just have to buy a little tub from the store. the process is similar to making sour dough bread (a little starter mixed in with the ingredients kinda thing)

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