Crazy Times, Once Again

Wow, friends, it’s Wednesday and I realized I haven’t been posted here in almost a week ! What can I say other that I’ve mentioned that things may be slow for a little while. The reason being is that we started remodeling our basement and since we are  DIY-ers (on a tight budget) things are busy. Or I should say we are busy. Throw in 3 kiddies and it seems like we are moving through molasses – at least I feel like that but I know in the end it will be good. Good for us, for our kids, for when we have people over and so on. And here is the demo man, my husband looking all tough and ready to go. He’s a big goof.

I have found a buffet on Craigslist to house my china and it’s patiently waiting for me in the garage. It needs to be refinished and then I can bring it inside. We got closet doors that also patiently await their turn to be installed so the older boys can access all their clothes since they share a closet. So yah…busy, busy. There’s only so many naps hours in a the day when we can get stuff done. Wouldn’t it be fun to hand over the keys to the contractor, go on vacation and return to a fully refinished basement? Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Anyway, back to reality…most of my sewing stuff is packed away except for one project but guess what? I will have my own little sewing space the basement will be done. So happy about that!

And that’s the big news from our neck of the woods so stick with me, won’t you? I’ll be back tomorrow with Shout It Out – Thursdays”. See you then!


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