Shout It Out Thursdays: The Lettered Cottage

Hi all, today I’m doing a second edition of Shout It Thursdays and today I want to share with you a website that is so so neat. I love The Lettered Cottage! It is a big resource on home decorating cottage style with a classic touch. Layla and Kevin, a husband and wife team have a constant desire to change, rearrange and bust out walls and aren’t afraid to do it.

I can appreciate a lot of styles and trends but the one that resonates with me is the cottage style. I think it’s because I like a room to feel comfortable and welcoming and not uptight. I also like light colored furniture that has a slight chipped or worn look to it and this website has so much inspiration! Tons of DIY projects, great ideas and linky parties. And since I don’t have an appropriate picture I will show you my beautiful blooming lilac bush. I see a peek of it right through Sprout’s window and it makes me happy. 🙂

So go check out this cottage-y goodness if you feel so inclined! Have fun!


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