Rain, Rain, Go Away Let Us Have Some Outside Play

Or you can count this post as Shout It Out Thursdays too.

Been raining in Chicagoland a lot (which I’m sure you’ve noticed if you live in the area) and that has kept us away from the playgrounds. The temperatures have kept us indoors too a little more than we’d like for the month of May but not much you can do, right? Anyway, I’m not complaining I just think it’s crazy to be in the 40’s as June is around the corner. Just baffles me!

But moving on, for this Thursday I wanted to tell you how much I like my cinnamon shaker! I posted about it a long time ago and I’m revisiting it for today.

Shaker by adinalp1

Bought it at Ikea a couple of years back for 5 buckaroos which made me so happy! I’ve seen these for $25 at fancy schmancy food stores but I like $5 better, don’t you?

So what do we use it for, you ask? Cinnamon sugar (more cinnamon, less sugar) which goes on pancakes, yogurt, waffles, oatmeal, sliced apples and most importantly, lattes. Yes, Mr.Greenwood and I can make some mean lattes. We should have a throw down someday and see who makes it better. Except I’ll let him win as long as he will be the official latte maker for the rest of his life. Good deal, no? You win and YOU make the lattes. Devious plans, I tell you!

So if this strikes your fancy, go get yourself one of these and see if you can put it to good use.

Happy Thursday!


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