Shout It Out Thursdays: Anna White

Ok, it’s Thursdays already…I’m feeling better and kinda glad to have relief from 100 degree weather. It’s hard to be outside with little ones when it’s hot like that so we’ve been indoors for the most part. Sprout gravitates towards the a/c that’s for sure but not the one in the car because that one tanked. Boo! And the kiddie pool followed. Double boo! Oh, yeah…and my phone. I’m not kidding you. One after the other they went. But I digress.

Anyway, this week’s Shout It Out Thursdays is pretty nifty because it’s a site for that your handyman will enjoy too. Or anyone who can use a power tool for that matter. Have you ever heard of Anna White? She is fantastic!!If you are in need of free plans to build furniture-this is the place for you! I love that there’s all kinds of categories you can choose from and there are plans for knock-off pieces too like Pottery Barn, West Elm, etc.

So go ahead, poke around! Let me know if it makes you want to learn how to use that sawzall or circular saw.

Have a great day!


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