Shout It Out Thursdays:Toms Shoes

Did you ever hear of Toms shoes? I heard about them on K-Love the other day and I was intrigued so I checked them out.

For every item you buy the company donates one pair of shoes to people in need. They call it the “One for One Movement”.  Isn’t that neat? They sell shirts, sunglasses, shoes for adults, youth and kids. You can find out more about their story here.

Apparently the sunglasses are a fairly new product and you can upload your picture and do a virtual try-on to see which ones look better.

I’ve got my eye on these puppies…how hot are espadrilles right now?And they come in wide widths – do I hear a hallelujah?

I’m getting ready to buy these and I’ll be honest they’re not cheap but that’s what birthday money is for – splurging. So I’ll be splurging for a good cause…twist my arm, why don’t you?
FYI: Tom(‘s) is not paying me for this. Thanks for reading.

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