Technical Difficulties

Testing, testing…1, 2, 7. I’m back on the World Weird Web after 24 hours spent without power as big thunder storms invaded the area on Tue night…I should have known…Pioneer Woman sent ’em. Just kidding…

Let’s see, we spent a bunch of time laying low…went for walks, stopped at the Dollar Store, played outside and found some sticks while trying to explain to the youngens that electricity and TV’s go hand in hand. As I was hoping Mr. A would appreciate the way people entertained themselves before technology, he blurted out “That’s too bad…they missed out on all the fun shows and games you can watch and play”. Well, there goes nothing.

Oh, and the kids loved to blow out as many candles as they possibly could while I was desperately trying to keep the house lit.

Alright, gotta go and play Tooth Fairy for an almost 7 year old. See you back here soon. (No pictures for this post.)


One thought on “Technical Difficulties

  1. I’m so sorry you didn’t have power. I wish I would of known. Glad it’s back on and too funny about Mr. A’s comment on the tv = priceless 🙂

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