Patriotic Roundup

It’s almost here…the 4th of July! Are you making plans? Decorating your house? Thinking up fun gastronomics?It’s yes, no and yes for me! Decorating my house falls on the bottom of the list because it’s busy here as I’ve missed Shout It Out Thursdays this week (and last week, shhh) but I’m bringing a roundup of fun patriotic stuff today and they are mostly DIY’s and you can make them on the cheap. So in the hope of redeeming myself here it goes.

A red white and blue wreath for your front door that Avery made at Avery And Winslow Doesn’t that look fun…and easy to make?

Breakfast is on…or lunch….at Emily Henson’s

And a free printable for you from the Wayward girls

And there you have it. Nothing too hard or overwhelming because that’s wouldn’t be cool, yo!

Happy 4th to you all! Have a fantastic week-end!


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