Back In Session

As I type this Mancub is napping on the couch after a day of reconnecting with his school peeps. The new school year has brought more changes than the usual…that plus new bus schedules created a bit of chaos in our mornings. On the first day of school Mancub’s bus came by the house 3 times before he was finally in my arms…tears streaming down his cheeks and all. Things did smooth out eventually. Anyway, here are some “first day of school shots”…just can’t help myself.

Oh and please notice how a “photo shoot” goes when you have boys. Yah, they have the patience of a FLY. 🙂

Dude, Mom wants a picture of us together

come on, Mom...

do we have to?

... you can take one of our backpacks


4 thoughts on “Back In Session

  1. hi!hi good luck having a pic of both of them looking in the same direction, or at least standing still. I noted the different backpacks! Cool stuff! Sunt foarte dulci baietii tai! Bafta in noul an scolar!

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