I Said I Would

Remember this post about chevron? I found some more chevron inspiration over the web…even chevron painted walls. Ohdeedoh called it the “skinny jeans of the design world”. Now that’s a bold statement. However if you know me well you know that I don’t do skinny jeans. Whaaaa??!??

So, what does that say about me then? Well…it says that I have a little extra junk in my trunk! Wahh..huh…huh…huh!Wah…huh…huh…Huh!…Huh!…Ah! Ahem!

Anyway….I don’t have to wear chevron so I bought some of this great, great fabric and made some curtains for Sprout’s room. I think they turned out so great! Check them out.

Just 2 words about the curtain rods…I bought them at Ikea for a pretty good price and they have a dark walnut finish but the store does not carry matching curtain rings, surprisingly. So I looked around to find something and low and behold K-mart had wonderful ones that come with a clip to hang the curtains (as opposed to a wire loop which is sewed to the fabric). Hope this makes sense.

How do you feel about bold trends?


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