Bicycle Placemats {How-To}

When I bought the roman blinds in Sprout’s room I had to shorten them to make them fit the size of our windows so I had a bunch of these pieces left. I decided to turn them into a set of placemats for us. Here’s what I did:

cut to size 14" x 18"

I found this vintage bike image I liked; it’s here if you’re interested but it can be anything that strikes your fancy. You could personalize stuff here too.

transferred it on my mats using the freezer paper method

There are a bunch of tutorials on stenciling using freezer paper so I won’t do one right now but I’m attaching a link for you.

I cut left over felt for the backing

I bought some extra wide double fold bias tape like this one from JoAnn's

pinned it on along side working the corners

and stitched all the way around back tacking at the corners

So now we have new placemats, I worked the scraps (the felt) and I reused the pieces I cut off those shades. All I had to buy was the bias tape and the white fabric paint for stenciling.

This project took me a few days…maybe because I’ve had a rough week with my boys. They were quite challenging so needless to say that I’m happy to start a new week. Praying for a more cooperative brood. Yes, yes I am.


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