Christmas Prep?

Hey, hey, hey…It’s almost December which means that Christmas trees and decorations are up for many folk and Christmas music is blaring in the stores. How about you? Did you get the ball rolling yet? If you didn’t, that’s ok because you are not alone, my friend. For whatever reason I’m not good with scheduling things ahead of time.

I was very grateful when hubs put on the calendar “start Christmas prep” AND informed me that on Thanksgiving day we will stop for a family photo shot on our way to my in laws. Great!!! Camera, tripod and remote were packed in the car along with the kids and our best attitudes because I knew we would need them (you’ll see why if you look at Sprout in the picture). He was just being himself, you know?

one of our best shots

Oh, and this is what my keyboard looks like…also, thanks to Sprout. It’s our 3rd keyboard we had to replace for our laptops because he is a master at popping keys by now.

So this is our update from the Greenwood home. Hubs and I are  going for Mexican food tonight and it will be a welcomed little break. Hope your week goes as well and your Christmas decking too.


One thought on “Christmas Prep?

  1. I think that is a pretty great picture especially since it has some of my favorite people in it! We are getting our family pictures taken on Sunday. I can’t even tell you the last time all 6 of us were in a picture at the same time! Too long that is for sure…

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