Festive Disappointment

Today I jumped through hoops trying to join friends for cookies, hot chocolate and a trip downtown Chicago to watch the lights and and enjoy the Magnificent Mile. However, as we were loading everyone up I realized that it was much colder than I thought and we were perhaps a little under dressed so I started to have my doubts about tonight’s trip.

Within minutes, Mr. A tells me that he is very cold and since I was flying solo (my hubby was working) I decided to scrap the trip and stop by Starbucks on the way home and get our goodies over there. Bah humbug!! Can you blame me though? The thermometer registered 24F, our scarves were at home and I just didn’t think to give the boys their long johns. It didn’t even cross my mind…I have to get used to this whole winter thing again. (Or move to warmer climates.) I didn’t mind though because this is what we came back to…a warm and decorated house!

But Mr A is a first born (and an extrovert) and according to the “Birth Order Book” he is a bit high maintenance when it comes to some things and this was no exception. He was so disappointed to miss out on hanging out with his buddies and to top it off he didn’t like the hot chocolate at Starbucks. Tall order, what can I say? How was your day?


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