To The Finish Line

For this post I had planned a grand tour of our new and finished basement but 2 of the boys have fever and I just haven’t gotten around to making the video, so in lieu of that I’d like to ponder on year-end events and such. It fits better anyway.

We are getting ready to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, and the tendency for me is to revise and see how I can improve things. The challenge, however, is to celebrate and recognize victories. You see, by nature, I have a hard time with grace and looking over things in general and it takes an intentional effort on my part to do that.

celebrate victories

Therefore, this year I will try to be more gracious, take it easy and relax and maybe not take things too personally. I pray that it will be a gentle (and quick) lesson.

I have some sewing goals too – learning how to use a serger, make some clothing for myself and maybe sell some quilts. We’ll see how it goes. So in 2012 I plan on celebrating victories, progress, people and be able to rejoice in circumstances. Or at least accept them gracefully. I believe I’m getting closer to the concept of choosing joy. {Are you reading this, babe?} Pigs are flying.

So we are here, at the finish line. I wish you a year full of victories, grace and celebrations, however they may look like in your circumstances. Happy New Year and Cheers!!


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