So Many Things…So Little Time

Wow…it’s been a while since my last post and I’ve been thinking about writing a new one because there are so many things I’d like to share and remember but life is so full (in a good way). So I’ll attempt to bring you up to speed whether you live close or afar.

*I asked my hubby if he could build leaning bookshelves for the living room and not reach the $600 price tag. He did an awesome job using Anna White’s plans + some modifications I had asked for. Bingo! Custom furniture!

*A bench for the back entry is in the works too and the kids got to build their own wood projects with Dad

*I had a birthday and ended up at the Opera (costume design must be awesome)

*I went on a little getaway and came home refreshed and with a new perspective on things – a good change

*Been thinking a lot about garment sewing and attempted a muslin for kicks and lo and behold…it fit me!! It was midnight and I thought that maybe I was dreaming, I may have done a dance and repeated over and over “it fits, it fits” and I wanted to wake up Mr Greenwood and give him the news but I didn’t think he would have appreciated it.

*Sprout had his first big boy hair cut and he LOVED it. He thought he was at the spa because he closed his eyes and leaned his head to the side. No headache for the hairdresser …or the parents and Dad ended up eating the lollipop.

*We had planned a staycation which was ruined by strep…

*Sometimes when I wear heals, I feel like a potato on toothpicks and I look weird in that picture.

*Back to woodworking…my hubs built a floating desk for Mr. A where he could do homework away from all the distractions. We are gearing for a room redo for the older boys this spring/summer.

Phew! These are some of the things we’ve done…you know besides cooking, homework, laundry, being sick and all that.

I promise I won’t let so much time go by without popping in here.

Have a great Thursday!


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