Easter Snack (Posted {Very} Late)

I wrote this post but forgot to publish it so here it goes, anyway. Better late than never.

We had a quiet Easter – just me and the boys – so we made Resurrection Rolls as a celebratory snack.

The recipe for Resurrection Rolls is all over the internet so I won’t list it here but I will tell you that I used a can of buttermilk biscuits and I rolled them flat with a rolling pin. I would like to try pre-made, frozen (dinner rolls) dough next time. I think the yeast would make them rise even more.

Also, I used cinnamon sugar only on the outside.

We had an Easter egg hunt and Sprout tried to figure out lots of mysteries (like what’s in this egg).

And in the end he still preferred his good ol’ crackers.

Arrghh!! Ravenous!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!


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