5 Things I Love Right Now

*This (not so) little show is in the top 2 on my boy’s TV list but we all love it. We can watch one episode after another and see what kind of trouble that Shaun gets his sheep out of.

*My 50 mm lens is so great!  And so fast! It helps me catch up with this little boy and I can take pictures like this


and this

*Finding online deals that are needed and useful (like a new pair of glasses for Sprout)

*These shoes that are comfortable and fun

*A BIG, happy bunch of daffodils to put in a mason jar to brighten up the room

I’d love to know what you’re drooling over. You can share in the comments. Go  ahead, I’m serious.


3 thoughts on “5 Things I Love Right Now

    • I love reading about your days, but feel like I know what you are up to and I don’t have to call and check up on you. How do you find time?

      • Well, what can I say, Malin? I don’t watch much TV, my house is NOT spotless and I keep the camera at arm’s length. And I multi task…a lot.

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