The Man Code

Did you know that men have a code? Their own special “language”, things you do or don’t do, things you say or don’t say to another dude ? I should know…I live with 4 guys here in the land of testosterone so I’m learning these firsthand.

There’s even a book out there about it and if you’re wondering why I’m telling you this is because it would be so much easier if men spoke their mind a little bit more. Today I noticed that my boys already “code”.

The two older ones were planning a light saber duel and fighting over who would be the good guy. Mr. A let Mancub choose his part over and over and after a little while Mr. A walked away. Just like that. No warning, no reason or explanation was given and it dawned on me what happened and had to explain it to Mancub.

And contrary to the “man code”, he is in such a fun stage right now…”Mom, are you happy?” he asks daily and “Are you little bit frustrated?” when I frown my brow  and “I want to give you kisses until it’s too much” and he smacks them on my lips again and again. Oh, how I love this stage!!

As a mom to 3 boys I want to teach them to use descriptive words to express themselves because let’s face it…decifering the man code can be tiring especially when you’re the only girl in a house full of boys. Not to mention the problem solving that can  be done when you’re frustrated. Mountains could be moved, I tell ‘ya.


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