In Plain Sight

Here is an old school {ta-daa} post of sharing and telling. I say “old school” because that’s how it was when I started writing this blog and while we still “make” and DIY, sometimes our days are so full that there’s not enough time to share it all here.

However, this  project deserves the extra effort because I think it’s so amazing!! This was my desk which was salvaged from an alley about 6 years ago, way before DIY-ing was cool.

I painted it with black shellac and we’ve been using it ever since but we could use a bench in the space where it sits now so I’ve been dreaming of moving my “office” somewhere else and came up with the idea of leaning bookshelves in the living room. They come at a hefty price tag, though, so I asked my husband if he could make some. He got to work and this is how they turned out.

I gathered nice boxes and objects I liked and now my office is in plain sight without being an eye sore.

I’ve brought some of the boys games and puzzles from the basement and I want to store their art/craft supplies in some of the empty boxes.

The plans are from Anna White’s Leaning Bookshelves but my husband modified them to fit in our living room and adjusted one unit to act as a small desk for my laptop and office supplies.

I think hubs did such a good job, don’t you think?

He’s currently working on the bench I mentioned earlier. He’s a super-duper awesome guy.


One thought on “In Plain Sight

  1. Hubs is livin my life with that wood shop of his. Ya, the desk I’m writing this on was a dumpster rescue and once refinished I have become very attached to it. There’s nothing like an old piece of solid wood furniture. Hard to find now a days.

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