Some Randomness and Mother’s Day

While I’m sitting down to write I’m chipping away at a Rice Crispy Treat that I made the other day and which I have  not shared with the family. I know…not nice but they did get s’mores around the fire  so that’s gotta count for something, right?

Mother’s Day came and went and I was so blessed by my peeps!! I wish I had more pictures to share as they surprised me with breakfast in bed (after I slept in until 8 am) and was given a big (hanging) basket of begonias which was picked by Mr. A. The older boys made lots of art work and best of all they were so sweet to me, considerate with each other and well behaved all day!! Yay!

My husband and I went to dinner and coffee and had a chance to connect and talk uninterrupted about good stuff, God stuff and just hang out and walk through Barnes and Noble. I scanned the sewing and knitting section and he looked up some novels and then we came home.

On a random note, we have a robbin nesting in a tight space between our gutter and the house. We were in her business trying to see if there were any eggs in her nest and sure enough there are 4. Mr. A was so excited! I thought of it as a small gift as well  so we are holding out for when the babies come.

I could only capture 2 of the 4 eggs…too tight up there

Random note no.2 – I bought myself a serger as a Christmas gift and am finishing up a maxi skirt (I already made a shirt which I’ll share later) . I am thinking the serger needs a name so I thought it would be fun to have a poll where you can vote and help me pick a name. Sound good? So, without further ado here are some (boy) names for my serger:

Happy Tuesday!


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