It’s Greener Where You Water It

Warning: This is not a mushy post about how I adore my kids but please indulge me anyway.

You probably know that I’m a mom to 3 boys and sometimes I wish a girlie would be twirling around in our living room. Thoughts like these come around when I want to sew cute stuff (not so important) or when I struggle with my boys for various reasons (important). That time is now.

After 8 years of parenting I’ve come to the conclusion that (my) boys can be stubborn, hard to steer and not very independent. Throw in a good portion of high energy and I feel like things are spinning out of control. And quickly! Our oldest has been unintentionally pushing my husband and I to the limit and I have taken many deep breaths encouraging wise choices on his part and “Slow down, son” and “Pay attention to what you’re doing”, “Don’t walk into that pole”. Seriously… You know what I mean. I have to remind him often that he’s getting older and choices are a big deal.

And speaking of reminders…I remind myself that people who parent girls deal with different issues. (Can you say “drama”?)

And I also remind myself that my friend Jackie used to say that the grass is not greener on the other side. It’s greener where you water it. So, we press on. Lord help us.


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