Confession Time

It’s been a few days since Father’s Day passed and I haven’t said a peep about it. Not because it went unnoticed but because I’ve committed the unthinkable. The story goes like this…I encouraged the kids to make a little Father’s Day book and present it to my husband at dinner, let the kids show off their nice job and share why they love their Dad, we have a great meal (complete with frozen custard), go play at the park and enjoy family time. Sounds like a great night, right?

Well, the boys did an awesome job, even Sprout managed not to pull the tablecloth off the table (that’s because I picked a restaurant without tablecloths {snickers}) and everything went great.

Until I reach in my purse for the book and it’s NOT there. Oh, maybe I left it in the car, I think to myself. As we drive to the park, I frantically look around and under the seat, glove compartment, NOWHERE to be found. Stink! But wait, there’s still hope. We can still show it off to end the evening when we get back home. Right? Wrong.

The Father’s Day book is GONE. I still haven’t found it and I feel bad about that. But the kids made one. I’m glad I took some pictures of it, at least.


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