Do You PB2?

I think I’ve found the 8th World Wonder!

I’m telling you, what I’m about to share with you has rocked my existence and it may do the same for you (errr, if you don’t have a peanut allergy).  Are you ready, are you holding on? It’s powdered peanut butter! I love, love , love it!  The brand I’ve used is PB2 and this is what it looks like:

In order to reconstitute it you mix the powder with water and then slather it on your toast or pancakes for a bit of natural protein. Or live dangerously and throw some in your smoothie – eeek! It rings in at 45 calories/2 Tbsp and 1.5 g of fat. Isn’t that amazing for peanut butter?

I think he liked it…

The ingredients are all natural – roasted peanuts, sugar and salt. After reading up about this it sounds like roasted peanuts are being pressed until the fats and oils are extracted. No chemicals are added or anything weird. And if you’re in a weight loss program this is your secret weapon whenever you have a hankering for PB&J 🙂 .

P.S. I have not been compensated in any way to write this post (although I could be). These are just my opinions about this great product.


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