Mock Fly Preppy Shorts

I’ve been garment sewing this year and I have quite a few things to show you. I will start with this simple pair of preppy shorts which I made for Mancub. I’m planning a photo session very soon but my little model man is in bed because he needs his beauty rest to look good for the upcoming event. 😉

Anyway, I gave these shorts a mock fly to make them look a bit more “grown up” but still easy to pull up and down for a 4 year old.

To create the mock fly and stitching I used heavy thread in my machine and I double stitched the crotch seam, added a square shape where a button would be and stitched a mock fly for a zipper.

The fabric is a heavier cotton which came from the thrift store and  as a guide I used a pair of shorts that fit Mancub. I made a quick pattern by tracing their shape on paper and I used 1 inch elastic for the waist.

I showed him the shorts and he asked just like he does with every piece of clothing “Did you buy this for me at the sore?”  No, honey, I made these for you on my sewing machine. Hope you like them, buddy.

Next post will be the little dude in action.

Have a great day!


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