Hi, My Name Is Adina And I Used To Blog Here

I assure you I was MIA – emphasis on A(ction), because a lot has happened since our last post. Does this happen to you? There’s so much going on that I find myself in GO mode and I don’t have time for sharing. I have to get better about that. Just have to.

This year Mancub goes to school in the afternoon so I spend my mornings with him and Sprout. Today I wanted a slow morning, so I packed snacks, the camera, grabbed an iced coffee and we went to the park. I remembered I owed you some fashion shots of Mancub’s preppy shorts that I made for him.  Here they are and notice how big the boys are getting!!

At first he wasn’t into the photo shoot so much but I bribed him with fruit leather. And it worked. Muhahaha!

And then he really enjoyed it to the point where he started chanting “ca-me-ra, ca-me-ra!”  and he wanted to show off his super hero moves – like flying upside down.

So that’s what I do during the mornings. I hang out with Fifi…

…and Fido.

Have a great day!


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