Are You Feeling It?

The crispness of the air, chilly nights , yellow leaves…It’s beautiful! I love fall, I love September and I’m allowed to turn the oven on again. Not that I’d get in trouble if I did that in summer days, but that would be more like punishment so I don’t. This, however, is pure awesomeness.

Mr. A said that his favorite activity we do together is bake. So we made the “Whole Grain Garlic Knots With Parsley And Olive Oil” from Healthy Bread In Five Minutes A Day. I love this book! And I love bread! But mostly, I love him!

They were good looking…the knots. I think this might be the only time knots are good looking. Whatever! They were delicious and the olive oil oozes over the entire crust giving it a slight crunch! This book revolutionized the way I bake bread. It’s fantastic!

Anything delicious in your oven?

Have a great week!


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