Why Vote? (Thoughts From A Naturalized Citizen’s Perspective)

The votes have been casted, the new president was announced and I come to give my two cents on why people need to vote. These thoughts came to me as I heard someone voice out  a frustrated “darned if you do, darned if you don’t [vote]”. Maybe so, but at least you have the opportunity to do it.

You may know that I was born and raised in Romania and at the age of 18 I moved to the grand US of A. Romania was under communist regime for 40+ years and the consequences are still present even after all these years of freedom. A recent trip back to the motherland reminded me of the rationed food we had to deal with, a healthcare system that seemed like was straight from he*l, hot water and electricity that  were cut off daily and these are just a few of the short comings. Perhaps the bigger issue is that there was no way out of it. The wheel kept spinning and the course had to be followed…no complaining, no speaking out but quiet whispers and secret glances had to be exchanged instead. All these (and more) until people were fed up and in December of 1989 they came out into the streets in huge numbers and declared “No more”.

So as Election Day came and went I loaded up the brood and headed to the poll. I did it because I had the freedom to do it, because in my eyes it was for the best, because I want to preserve these freedoms for my kids and because I felt it was my duty to do so.

I try to keep things on the light side most of the time, but I thought this was important enough to mention. Thanks for reading!!


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