A Few Things

1. We are recovering from Sprout’s surgery for strabismus.

His left eye was crossed pretty badly and last week we had that corrected. Here is the aftermath of it (looking like he was in a bar fight is normal for a couple of weeks). I’m praying his healing will continue to make good progress.


2. This year I don’t feel very festive.

The tree is up and very few other decorations but I haven’t bought any presents. I’ve got two  weeks left. :0

3. I’ve been sewing and haven’t showed any of it here.

Nor pictures of my trip to Romania. I still have hope it will get done…although not by itself. Correction – that I will get it done.

4. I have all the ingredients to make this.

Actually I have enough to make 3 of them. Also, I have a feeling I will make a few batches of this super quick, super easy fudge and add some peppermint extract to make it more Christmas-y. It makes an excellent treat and it just takes a snap. I can’t encourage you enough to try it and wrap it in parchment paper, tie it with some twine and it’s good to go.

So that’s about all for now. See you soon.


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