Yes, It Happened, It Truly Did

I finally wrote this post about the trip that I finally took back to the motherland.

I was born in Romania and then moved to Chicago in the mid ’90s and after 16 years I went back to visit my aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces. It was a blast!!! I had forgotten how hospitable Romanians are, how sociable and welcoming! I had good desserts, excellent coffee and out-of-this world pastries, good sarmale, home made preserves and honey that my kids rave about (given to me by my uncle who has 25 hives in his garden).

This was huge for me and I came back feeling like a new person. I’m very grateful to have been able to go especially since one of my uncles passed away 3 weeks later. My hubs held down the fort and I’m so grateful for him and to all that pitched in and helped in different ways. You wanna see some pictures?

Just some shots of condo buildings…


…and some old downtown buildings. I think they are beautiful.


The big white building is the theatre which is in downtown Arad (my home town).


This is what a typical breakfast looks like. Actually, it’s on the fancy side. Sweet or salty. Take your pick.


Public transportation is by tram.


And I got carried away eating a langos (pronounced lun-gawsh). It was deep fried and topped with cheese and dill…and delicious!



The Greek-Orthdox Cathedral in downtown Arad. Hansdome building!


And this  is the same place I stood on my first day of school in uniform, holding flowers for my teacher. Do you like the graffiti and rusted signs?


Romania had lots of fortresses. The ruins can be visited today.


This is a picture of a village taken from my train window. The haystacks bring nostalgia.




As I went to visit my aunt and uncle and the cows were coming home. 🙂


Aunt and uncle.



…and then the sheep going out to pasture the next morning. We had to pull over for them.


Another village…


It was a fantastic trip and I hope to take my husband and kids one day. Romania is a beautiful country. It has hills, mountains, seaside, a delta, world famous monasteries, palaces and castles and it’s about the size of Oregon. Unfortunately, it was under communism for 40+ years and that has had a strong negative impact. The people, however, would give you the shirt off their backs. Go visit if the opportunity ever presents itself.


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