Skulls And Happy Boys

My boys and I  have an ongoing conversation about things that I like (cute or beautiful) vs things that they like (ugly or scary). The conversation is especially reserved for the fabric store, and they have pointed out many times camouflage fabric, something with skulls and almost always Star Wars or cartoonish looking stuff. They ask me to buy some and I usually decline.


The other day, however, I went to JoAnn’s by myself and had time to gawk around and I stumbled upon this clearance knit. It was a bit cam0, a lot skull with teeny hearts in place of their nose/mouth. At $3.50/yard I grabbed it and sewed the boys pajamas because I knew it was a win win. They thought they looked tough but I just saw little hearts. 😉  Shhh, don’t tell them I said that.

I didn’t use a particular pattern for this. I just made a rub off. (A rub off is when you use an existing garment to trace its shape on a piece of paper and add seam allowance. An insta pattern if you will). I cut up the pieces, serged them but you can just use a regular sewing machine (knits don’t fray), I added cuffs and gave them to Mr. A and Mancub. They were stoked!! I really need to sew more for my kids!

PicMonkey Collage

It took me one evening because I had to make the rub offs too. If I had them prior to this it would have been faster and easier. It’s a good project if you’re starting to sew because the fabric is forgiving and they are PJ’s. You wear them in bed not on the runway.  😉




2 thoughts on “Skulls And Happy Boys

  1. My mother in law made my son a blanket from that material when he was a baby..he is now 4 and out grew his blanky…do u have any of that material left?…I’ve been searching for it for almost 3 years

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