Still Here

Howdy, hey, howdy ho…I’m still here. Life is so full!! I’m striving to fight the good fight although I must say I’ve felt weary and tired but my husband and I are trying our best to keep things in line. Some days we are more successful than others. 🙂

Let’s see, lately I’ve changed my eating, cooked  a lot, washed lots of dishes, read a lot and managed to squeezed in some sewing. I’ve given up grains and sugar and most dairy (Paleo) and really striving to avoid even natural sugar and it’s been amazing! I lost 10 pounds just like that, the tendonitis in my shoulders is gone, and I feel so much better! It’s been revolutionizing, really, but it made me more flustered in the kitchen since the boys are not with me on this one.

I’ve done some quilting and managed to sew a short sleeve shirt for myself (!) from  a remnant I bought at the fabric store. So proud of that one! I just might have to model it for y’all. I gotta work up the courage though.


I have a new stack of fabrics for a new baby quilt I’d like to make. There’s so many babies being born around me! And hey, I’ve even opened up an Etsy store. It was bound to happen, I suppose.

So, still here, still at it. Be back soon with some show and tell. Cheers!


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