I was born in Romania and moved to Chicago at the age of 18.

I’m a Christian and fairly new Mom who thinks parenthood is a huge job and sometimes it kicks my butt.

Knitting keeps me sane and sewing keeps me on my toes.

An apprenticeship at the Hyatt changed my mind about pursuing a culinary career. I still like to cook for good eaters :).


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  1. Hey, you like to cook for good eaters. There is this little secret about me, but I think we are good enough friends that I can share it with you. I like to eat, and I’m good at it.

  2. Well, Jeff that leaves one way we can handle this: dinner with you and yours? Our house? Let us know.
    (Can’t do Tue or Thurs)

  3. hey there!

    It’s Tina and I’m from the little blue cottage blog and trying to get everyone’ email for our quilting bee. Can you email me at tina m at cruzio dot com



  4. Thanks Adina, I got the birds today!

    Sorry, I trashed a bunch of the bird emails and I can’t remember what I need to send you or if I already did! Let me know when you get a chance. Thanks again, it will be fun to add them to the flock.

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