A Few Things

1. We are recovering from Sprout’s surgery for strabismus. His left eye was crossed pretty badly and last week we had that corrected. Here is the aftermath of it (looking like he was in a bar fight is normal for a couple of weeks). I’m praying his healing will continue to make good progress. 2. […]

Biscuit Salami

When I grew up my mom used to make this. Salam de Biscuiti is what is called in Romanian and the best closest translation is Biscuit Salami. Now I know this may not be the most appealing name but it’s shaped in to a salami and it’s made with graham crackers. So, there you go. […]

Truly, Deeply, Chocolate

With Love Day around the corner I decided to do a series about desserts that would involve chocolate in some form because let’s face it: Valentine’s Day + chocolate= bliss. Or so I’m told. So we’ll call this series Truly, Deeply, Chocolate. Now, my peeps, you have to keep in mind that I will make […]