Apron Love

It’s midnight and while I should be snoring away in my bed I’m sitting here typing and letting some thoughts loose. I’ve been thinking¬† about how summer will be here before soon. It’s all about the kids and hanging together, going to and fro, meeting with friends, late bedtimes and fresh fruit. But I’m getting […]

Apparently I Needed Some Time Off

Since I took a few weeks off, Halloween came and went, turkey day is approaching and the trees are barren by now. Things are pretty much the same here, meaning the basement is not finished but it’s oh, so close! I’m itching to spend some time in front of the sewing machine but that will […]

Quick One

It’s already Wednesday so I’m just popping in to say ‘hi!’. This week things are going better and my boys seem to be going easier on me… that or the fact that I’ve been out for a little job gives me that feeling. Either way… I’m working a on a little fall throw made of […]

Yarn Wrapped Wreath

The basement remodel is still going on and although we can see the light at the end of the tunnel there still is quite a bit of work to be done but I must say we have walls, people!!! And they are painted wooo-whoo!!! My husband is working so hard trying to finish things up!¬† […]

Nautical Belt {Tutorial}

I don’t know how you feel about nautical themed stuff but I love it! I just do. It’s clean and crisp, easy to match and timeless. Since it’s too preppy for my husband’s taste I try to keep it at bay (ha!) but Mr. A doesn’t care about preppy so I took the liberty and […]