Truly, Deeply, Chocolate

With Love Day around the corner I decided to do a series about desserts that would involve chocolate in some form because let’s face it: Valentine’s Day + chocolate= bliss. Or so I’m told. So we’ll call this series Truly, Deeply, Chocolate. Now, my peeps, you have to keep in mind that I will make […]

In My Home

Oh, oh, am I dreaming? What do I see? It’s Orla! On my dining room table. Well, actually her tablecloth. Wait, it’s my tablecloth! Ok, designed by Orla, purchased by me. Whew! I was starting to give up finding one as I do need another tablecloth. Ebay has them but for much more money than […]

Second Outing

For the second outing we went on a date to The Bourgeois Pig Cafe and I ordered their ‘The Sun Also Rises’ toasted sammie. It came on sourdough (they were out of sundried tomatoe bread) with hummus, turkey, swiss cheese and veggies (lettuce, tomatoes, onions and sprouts). Hubbie had Henry VIII (toasted sourdough, mayo, beef, […]

Crop Day

This morning was crop day – for basil. I grabbed my oldest and went outside and picked all the big leaves off our small plant which has faithfully produced all summer long. I thought it wouldn’t survive when I first moved it outdoors but it proved me wrong. It had a sorry look back in […]


I’ve always dreamed about opening a restaurant (not anymore) or a bakery since I’m into ‘the culinaries’ so I was excited when this dropped in my lap. In November 2007, Chicago Magazine released their “Great Dining 2007” issue and posted their list of  124 best dishes in Chicagoland . It’s pretty cool and I love […]