Apron Love

It’s midnight and while I should be snoring away in my bed I’m sitting here typing and letting some thoughts loose. I’ve been thinking  about how summer will be here before soon. It’s all about the kids and hanging together, going to and fro, meeting with friends, late bedtimes and fresh fruit. But I’m getting […]

In Plain Sight

Here is an old school {ta-daa} post of sharing and telling. I say “old school” because that’s how it was when I started writing this blog and while we still “make” and DIY, sometimes our days are so full that there’s not enough time to share it all here. However, this  project deserves the extra […]

Quick One

It’s already Wednesday so I’m just popping in to say ‘hi!’. This week things are going better and my boys seem to be going easier on me… that or the fact that I’ve been out for a little job gives me that feeling. Either way… I’m working a on a little fall throw made of […]

I Said I Would

Remember this post about chevron? I found some more chevron inspiration over the web…even chevron painted walls. Ohdeedoh called it the “skinny jeans of the design world”. Now that’s a bold statement. However if you know me well you know that I don’t do skinny jeans. Whaaaa??!?? So, what does that say about me then? […]

Nautical Belt {Tutorial}

I don’t know how you feel about nautical themed stuff but I love it! I just do. It’s clean and crisp, easy to match and timeless. Since it’s too preppy for my husband’s taste I try to keep it at bay (ha!) but Mr. A doesn’t care about preppy so I took the liberty and […]