In Plain Sight

Here is an old school {ta-daa} post of sharing and telling. I say “old school” because that’s how it was when I started writing this blog and while we still “make” and DIY, sometimes our days are so full that there’s not enough time to share it all here. However, thisĀ  project deserves the extra […]


There were a few things we managed to do this summer as a family but forgot to grab my camera on the way out but I made absolutely sure to have it for this special occasion. Our 10 year wedding anniversary! It’s hard to believe it’s been a decade. Lots of changes, good times, kids, […]

Crazy Times, Once Again

Wow, friends, it’s Wednesday and I realized I haven’t been posted here in almost a week ! What can I say other that I’ve mentioned that things may be slow for a little while. The reason being is that we started remodeling our basement and since we areĀ  DIY-ers (on a tight budget) things are […]

How Was Yours?

How was your Mother’s Day? Mine started out bright and early – 5:30 am (ahem) with a wake-up call from Sprout. My hubster had to work so I flew solo for the day…just me and the kids. I was reaching for the coffee desperately and by the time I finished my first cup Mr. A […]