Last month I went to a baby shower for a friend and I kinda went all out with the handmade gifts. I usually don’t do that but there were so many people at the shower that I knew they would receive the necessities either way. Do you want to see what I made? A quilt+bibs […]

Still Here

Howdy, hey, howdy ho…I’m still here. Life is so full!! I’m striving to fight the good fight although I must say I’ve felt weary and tired but my husband and I are trying our best to keep things in line. Some days we are more successful than others. 🙂 Let’s see, lately I’ve changed my […]

Le Patchwork

This is a block I’ve been working on for my Cottage Bee. The assignment was to make a square that would represent our idea of patchwork. This was a monster block (just my style) measuring 15.5 inches. Things were chugging along-I even planned it all out, sketched and calculated measurements and I was so proud of […]

We’ve Got One

Another week flew by, however this time I can tell you that we have a contract with a seller. Yipee! I feel relieved and excited. The house has pretty much everything we need and it’s move-in condition. The owner is an older lady so we will need to update it all around but that will […]

How Have YOU Been?

Holy cow, where did the week go? It’s been busy here with life in general and I realized suddenly that it’s the week-end. You know between my sister’s family, us and my Dad, there’s ten of us in this house so life can just get hectic. Occasionally you’ll find someone having a meal on the […]