A Few Things

1. We are recovering from Sprout’s surgery for strabismus. His left eye was crossed pretty badly and last week we had that corrected. Here is the aftermath of it (looking like he was in a bar fight is normal for a couple of weeks). I’m praying his healing will continue to make good progress. 2. […]

Sips and Scoops

Hello, friends! How are things? Personally, I am glad to have the kids in bed while I’m sipping on a cup of tea and stopping in for a quick chat. The boys have been pushing their boundaries most of the day today so the sugar cookie sleigh ride (yes, that’s what Celestial Seasoning came up […]

I Said I Would

Remember this post about chevron? I found some more chevron inspiration over the web…even chevron painted walls. Ohdeedoh called it the “skinny jeans of the design world”. Now that’s a bold statement. However if you know me well you know that I don’t do skinny jeans. Whaaaa??!?? So, what does that say about me then? […]