Giving Thanks

I debated wheather I should write this post or not and I almost erased it twice. Since I feel so torn about it I will make it short and sweet and type out my top 3 reasons I’m thankful for:

1.:: Mr. A’s tender heart as he saw a woman digging in the garbage and asked me to turn the car around and give her some money. I turned around and followed his directions in order to relocate her.

2.:: I’m thankful for being able to go to Romania and visit family during this past October.

3.:: I’m thankful for a warm home and warm hearts.

There are many other things I’m thankful for but I did say I won’t be long. So with that…I’ll see you again soon. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.


Why Vote? (Thoughts From A Naturalized Citizen’s Perspective)

The votes have been casted, the new president was announced and I come to give my two cents on why people need to vote. These thoughts came to me as I heard someone voice out  a frustrated “darned if you do, darned if you don’t [vote]”. Maybe so, but at least you have the opportunity to do it.

You may know that I was born and raised in Romania and at the age of 18 I moved to the grand US of A. Romania was under communist regime for 40+ years and the consequences are still present even after all these years of freedom. A recent trip back to the motherland reminded me of the rationed food we had to deal with, a healthcare system that seemed like was straight from he*l, hot water and electricity that  were cut off daily and these are just a few of the short comings. Perhaps the bigger issue is that there was no way out of it. The wheel kept spinning and the course had to be followed…no complaining, no speaking out but quiet whispers and secret glances had to be exchanged instead. All these (and more) until people were fed up and in December of 1989 they came out into the streets in huge numbers and declared “No more”.

So as Election Day came and went I loaded up the brood and headed to the poll. I did it because I had the freedom to do it, because in my eyes it was for the best, because I want to preserve these freedoms for my kids and because I felt it was my duty to do so.

I try to keep things on the light side most of the time, but I thought this was important enough to mention. Thanks for reading!!


Have you seen the super hero? Our super hero? He’s about yay high, charming smile and he goes by Mancub around here. Well, he turned 5 ! We had a little birthday party for him and because he loves super heroes, we donned on our capes and we celebrated. I crammed in a ton of things before I left on a jet plane and I was pretty happy how this one turned out.
I checked Pinterest and brainstormed and in the end, things looked like this.

The theme was “superheroes” because that’s what he’s into right now. I made a banner out of comic books (found at the Dollar Sore) and bias tape (JoAnn’s) and ran it through the sewing machine. It was a snap.

For the cups I used the same comics and gave them “sleeves” and my husband drew a superhero on a board which we ended up using for a game (pin the mask on the superhero). The kids enjoyed it!

Of course everyone decorated their own mask. I found plain white ones at Michael’s and I couldn’t stay away so I joined the crowd around the table.

The cake was frosted to match the scene and while we had power nuggets to eat there were also PB&J sammies. I used a cookie cutter to make them avenger-esque. I wrapped them in plastic to keep them isolated from the rest of the food  since there was peanut butter inside. You could totally leave them out but they are Mancub’s favorite food.

My husband made that fabulous pinata from a balloon and paper mache. He did such a good job!! Oh, and he is wearing that Batman t-shirt but while making the pinata he wore my pink ruffled apron. Yes, yes he did. Fun! He used a tutorial which I can’t find right now but I’ll keep looking.

I made capes for the kids by cutting the front and shoulders off of adult t-shirts while I left the neck band (the part that goes over the head) intact. I printed “BAM” on tranfer paper and ironed that on the back of the capes.

We had great weather and I truly enjoyed throwing this party! Mr A helped by entertaining the crowd and the kids were told he was their go-to guy. Best idea ever and it gave him a great sense of accomplishment.

All in all, I’d say it was a success and now our superhero  can go and tend to his daily mission of crime fighting ({or any other chores he may have around the house 😉 }

Thanks for reading.

P.S. If you have any questions you can ask me in the comments. Thanks for reading. Have a great week!

Are You Feeling It?

The crispness of the air, chilly nights , yellow leaves…It’s beautiful! I love fall, I love September and I’m allowed to turn the oven on again. Not that I’d get in trouble if I did that in summer days, but that would be more like punishment so I don’t. This, however, is pure awesomeness.

Mr. A said that his favorite activity we do together is bake. So we made the “Whole Grain Garlic Knots With Parsley And Olive Oil” from Healthy Bread In Five Minutes A Day. I love this book! And I love bread! But mostly, I love him!

They were good looking…the knots. I think this might be the only time knots are good looking. Whatever! They were delicious and the olive oil oozes over the entire crust giving it a slight crunch! This book revolutionized the way I bake bread. It’s fantastic!

Anything delicious in your oven?

Have a great week!

Hi, My Name Is Adina And I Used To Blog Here

I assure you I was MIA – emphasis on A(ction), because a lot has happened since our last post. Does this happen to you? There’s so much going on that I find myself in GO mode and I don’t have time for sharing. I have to get better about that. Just have to.

This year Mancub goes to school in the afternoon so I spend my mornings with him and Sprout. Today I wanted a slow morning, so I packed snacks, the camera, grabbed an iced coffee and we went to the park. I remembered I owed you some fashion shots of Mancub’s preppy shorts that I made for him.  Here they are and notice how big the boys are getting!!

At first he wasn’t into the photo shoot so much but I bribed him with fruit leather. And it worked. Muhahaha!

And then he really enjoyed it to the point where he started chanting “ca-me-ra, ca-me-ra!”  and he wanted to show off his super hero moves – like flying upside down.

So that’s what I do during the mornings. I hang out with Fifi…

…and Fido.

Have a great day!

Mock Fly Preppy Shorts

I’ve been garment sewing this year and I have quite a few things to show you. I will start with this simple pair of preppy shorts which I made for Mancub. I’m planning a photo session very soon but my little model man is in bed because he needs his beauty rest to look good for the upcoming event. 😉

Anyway, I gave these shorts a mock fly to make them look a bit more “grown up” but still easy to pull up and down for a 4 year old.

To create the mock fly and stitching I used heavy thread in my machine and I double stitched the crotch seam, added a square shape where a button would be and stitched a mock fly for a zipper.

The fabric is a heavier cotton which came from the thrift store and  as a guide I used a pair of shorts that fit Mancub. I made a quick pattern by tracing their shape on paper and I used 1 inch elastic for the waist.

I showed him the shorts and he asked just like he does with every piece of clothing “Did you buy this for me at the sore?”  No, honey, I made these for you on my sewing machine. Hope you like them, buddy.

Next post will be the little dude in action.

Have a great day!

Do You PB2?

I think I’ve found the 8th World Wonder!

I’m telling you, what I’m about to share with you has rocked my existence and it may do the same for you (errr, if you don’t have a peanut allergy).  Are you ready, are you holding on? It’s powdered peanut butter! I love, love , love it!  The brand I’ve used is PB2 and this is what it looks like:

In order to reconstitute it you mix the powder with water and then slather it on your toast or pancakes for a bit of natural protein. Or live dangerously and throw some in your smoothie – eeek! It rings in at 45 calories/2 Tbsp and 1.5 g of fat. Isn’t that amazing for peanut butter?

I think he liked it…

The ingredients are all natural – roasted peanuts, sugar and salt. After reading up about this it sounds like roasted peanuts are being pressed until the fats and oils are extracted. No chemicals are added or anything weird. And if you’re in a weight loss program this is your secret weapon whenever you have a hankering for PB&J 🙂 .

P.S. I have not been compensated in any way to write this post (although I could be). These are just my opinions about this great product.

To The Sun I Go

Howdy hey, howdy ho to the sun I go.  Yep, that’s what we’ve been up to. Swimming in the pool, playing in the sun just like everyone else, I’m sure, hence the absence from blogging. I sure need to post more bits of our days. I’ll try to but I wanted to make sure to mention our trip to the beach in Michigan while Sprout spend some time with Grandma (thanks a bunch).

It’s such a magical place – the lake, the sand, small town USA, memories and friends. I took a lot of pictures and somehow I didn’t end up in any of them but I’ve got proof that I was there. Here it is 🙂

Mr. A paid a visit to the mud pit and came back looking like this.

beauty treatment, anyone?

And Mancub played pouty but couldn’t keep it up. And what’s there to pout about, anyway?

So, that’s our recap. Is the sunshine calling you too? See you soon.

Confession Time

It’s been a few days since Father’s Day passed and I haven’t said a peep about it. Not because it went unnoticed but because I’ve committed the unthinkable. The story goes like this…I encouraged the kids to make a little Father’s Day book and present it to my husband at dinner, let the kids show off their nice job and share why they love their Dad, we have a great meal (complete with frozen custard), go play at the park and enjoy family time. Sounds like a great night, right?

Well, the boys did an awesome job, even Sprout managed not to pull the tablecloth off the table (that’s because I picked a restaurant without tablecloths {snickers}) and everything went great.

Until I reach in my purse for the book and it’s NOT there. Oh, maybe I left it in the car, I think to myself. As we drive to the park, I frantically look around and under the seat, glove compartment, NOWHERE to be found. Stink! But wait, there’s still hope. We can still show it off to end the evening when we get back home. Right? Wrong.

The Father’s Day book is GONE. I still haven’t found it and I feel bad about that. But the kids made one. I’m glad I took some pictures of it, at least.