A Few Things

1. We are recovering from Sprout’s surgery for strabismus. His left eye was crossed pretty badly and last week we had that corrected. Here is the aftermath of it (looking like he was in a bar fight is normal for a couple of weeks). I’m praying his healing will continue to make good progress. 2. […]


Hey, remember these? I thought I saw a little beak hanging over the edge of the of the nest so we investigated. Check it …and in all their hunger glory. Alright, it’s time for me to catch some zzzz’s  because I tried sewing something and the whole thing flopped. I made a stupid mistake (measured […]


Do you want to know how my morning went? Let me tell you just a bit besides the usual morning routine. Look what welcomed me and the boys outside our back door! The morning was dreary and wet until a bit of sunshine came out and in the midst of getting backpacks and shoes, umbrellas […]