Do You Love Chevron?

Are you a trend follower? Me, not so much. I can struggle with new things (just ask my husband) and by the time I embrace them, the trends have passed replaced by something else so I don’t bother. Chevron has exploded all over the place this past year. And I love it. I feel like […]

Upside Down

Once in a while my kids leave me one of these surprises…truck in the fridge or car in the toaster and they usually make me smile. This time it was bittersweet  because this is kinda how the week ended for me-in a roll over crash, figuratively speaking. A combination of too much construction, busyness in […]

It’s A Sticky Situation

Here we are once again…it’s June, school is out, the pool is open and the kids are home. It takes me a bit of adjusting to this new slower pace and it feels to me like I’m moving through molasses. Am I the only one? So I try to take it one step at a […]


My neighbor is a fantastic gardener and a sweet lady. She gives me peonies every year and this time they are white – almost like tissue paper except they have a wonderful perfume. It’s just the perfect touch to a week that ended with not-so-good family news involving a motorcycle accident and a special young […]

Christina’s Basking In The Sun

Couldn’t help myself…Christina is the cardi I finished for myself and it’s being blocked as we speak. Last night it was laying on my floor and because I’m trying to speed things up, I put Christina outside in the sun for just  a little bit. She’s a good kid that one, no talking back, no […]

How Was Yours?

How was your Mother’s Day? Mine started out bright and early – 5:30 am (ahem) with a wake-up call from Sprout. My hubster had to work so I flew solo for the day…just me and the kids. I was reaching for the coffee desperately and by the time I finished my first cup Mr. A […]

Hearts At Home

Wow, there is so much I took from this conference! Just a quick run down because there’s just too much to share all of it here. Strong willed kids want/value control, power and victory in all their circumstances. Mancub, watch out! I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. 🙂 I need to rest in […]