The Man Code

Did you know that men have a code? Their own special “language”, things you do or don’t do, things you say or don’t say to another dude ? I should know…I live with 4 guys here in the land of testosterone so I’m learning these firsthand. There’s even a book out there about it and […]


Do you want to know how my morning went? Let me tell you just a bit besides the usual morning routine. Look what welcomed me and the boys outside our back door! The morning was dreary and wet until a bit of sunshine came out and in the midst of getting backpacks and shoes, umbrellas […]

Do You Love Chevron?

Are you a trend follower? Me, not so much. I can struggle with new things (just ask my husband) and by the time I embrace them, the trends have passed replaced by something else so I don’t bother. Chevron has exploded all over the place this past year. And I love it. I feel like […]

Upside Down

Once in a while my kids leave me one of these surprises…truck in the fridge or car in the toaster and they usually make me smile. This time it was bittersweet¬† because this is kinda how the week ended for me-in a roll over crash, figuratively speaking. A combination of too much construction, busyness in […]